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Once the service agreement is signed, your Talent Acquisition Partner will schedule a virtual meeting to discuss your needs. Our goal: to define the technical and soft skills essential to your needs. Throughout the process, our team acts as ambassadors for your company, providing reassuring support for both the candidate and client experience. Because recruiting is not a walk in the park, it's an exciting and challenging adventure that we want to share with you!

If you're facing challenges in receiving high-quality resumes for your position, it may be because your ideal candidate isn't actively looking for a job and isn't applying to your posting. Our headhunting service provides you access to a vast pool of targeted, skilled, experienced profiles who are discreetly open to opportunities, enabling you to swiftly address your current, confidential, or urgent business needs.

Because our innovative and personalized communications set us apart in the direct approach market. Our team of Talent Acquisition Partners will attract the top candidates! Plus, you'll have an exclusive partnership with one of our team members to address all your requests. And that's not all! You'll be delighted to know that our candidate network exceeds 30,000 contacts.

At ID Recrutement, once the mandate has been initiated, you will receive the first candidates within two (2) weeks (or sooner if qualified candidates are identified earlier). You can rest assured that we have targeted the best talents based on the criteria discussed during our meeting with you. All candidates sent have had direct contact with your Talent Acquisition Partner. We assess their motivation, skills and ensure a cultural fit with your company's values!

We are recruitment professionals. Our niche market lies in mid-to-senior level positions in fields such as manufacturing, industrial, engineering, and distribution. Within these sectors, this includes all management, professional, and engineering roles.

No need to grant us exclusivity, we're not the jealous type. We are more than willing to work in tandem with your own recruitment efforts, as long as there is effective communication between us. Collaborating with ID Recruitment is like having the best of both worlds without the clash of egos. But between us, strategically speaking, it would be wise to let us explore the market without cluttering the playing field too much with other players. By giving us some space, we'll be able to use all our expertise and creativity to find the perfect candidates. You can trust us!

At ID Recrutement, we specialize in headhunting. In addition to sourcing and interviewing, our service includes professional reference checks and criminal background checks. To provide you with the best possible service, we also offer a personalized, exclusive, and unique market study tailored to your mandate. This analysis provides you with an overview of the current market situation compared to your specific needs. This tool is particularly valuable in the event of a recruitment bottleneck, allowing us to reposition ourselves if necessary.

Our main playground is the Greater Montreal area. We also have a presence in the Quebec City region and even in Ontario. We are open to all local companies that meet ID Recruitment’s search criteria. Contact us for a discovery call!

As a recruitment partner, we share the risk. There are no fees for opening a mandate, headhunting, sourcing, telephone, and virtual interviews. We charge a percentage of the gross annual base salary of the candidate you hire, in two stages. When our candidates qualify for an interview with you, you will be invoiced for our professional fees, which will be one-third of the total amount. The remainder will be invoiced upon hiring.

Our warranty entitles you to three (3) months of peace of mind from the first day of employment. The warranty is applicable only for the granted mandate. If the replacement is postponed, the warranty remains valid for a period of one (1) year from the employee's termination date.

Let us give you a few more reasons to succumb to our charm. Our clients experience astounding results thanks to our unrivaled expertise. Let us tempt you with a free discovery call to discuss your needs. Your success awaits!

Find the exceptional talent that will propel your business to new heights.
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