Automotive Distribution Recruitment

Our client, a multinational automotive distribution company, asked us to find a key resource to complete their OHS team. The challenge of this position was that the person had to master various provincial laws, in addition to being the reference for both prevention AND claims aspects.

🚩 As a rare profile in a context where people in this field are in high demand, we also had the challenge of being the second firm entrusted with the assignment.❗

By using a personalized approach and understanding the realities of these candidates, we were able to engage with over 50% of the individuals we approached. Needless to say, we encountered challenges with :

⛔ higher salary expectations,

⛔ lack of skills required for the position

⛔ the preference of several applicants to work exclusively remotely.

This exercise allowed us to establish a specific market analysis for this client thus understanding the current state of this position in their market, which required specific criteria for this region (Montreal).

🏁 In the end, we presented two (2) qualified candidates, both of whom made a positive impression. 

David is now on the job, supporting the OHS team and the various sites, while also being able to leverage his skills. His rare skills and interpersonal abilities make him a high potential candidate for advancement within the organization.

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