Warehousing Industry Recruitment

Our client was facing a complex situation: a highly specialized engineering position in their industry had been vacant for over 6 months. They were finding it extremely difficult to find the right candidate who combined the specific expertise required with a personality that would fit in perfectly with the company. Although they met several potential candidates, none seemed to match their expectations.

Before beginning our search, we informed our client that, given the specific nature of the position, we would not be able to present a multitude of CVs, but we assured them that each CV presented would be carefully tailored to their specific requirements.

When our client entrusted us with this mandate, we committed ourselves to delivering concrete results quickly.

In less than a week, we were able to present a qualified candidate for the position, who not only had the necessary niche experience, but also fitted in perfectly with the company’s culture and with one of his future colleagues.

Our client was extremely pleased with the speed and transparency that went into the entire recruitment process for Jacques.

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